Friday, 1 August 2014

Linzi Shoes A/W14 Press Day

So a few weeks ago I attended my first ever blogger event! I was invited to Linzi Shoes' AW14 Press Day! I was do excited not only because it was my first event but because it was the first time I was meeting some of my blogger girls who were too invited!
Seriously, blogging has opened so many doors for me, it's given me a way to express my passion for fashion and I've even made some amazing friends! 

So here's some of Linzi Shoes' AW collection which will be available to buy in a couple of weeks! 
Linzi have successfully incorporated exciting and on trend styles for AW14, with leather loafers, cleated boots, purple/maroon shades and at an affordable price what more can you ask for? Make Linzi your go to site for gorgeous and affordable footwear!

Picture credits to Nicole, Danielle and Sarah x 

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  1. LOVE the boots in the 2nd picture and the loafers in the 8th! Everything looks great though! I'm so glad the cleated soles trend is sticking around for A/W :)

    Louise /