Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

So it's 28 days until Christmas.

If you're anything like me then I suspect you have merely scratched the surface of present buying. I'm definitely the type that would consider myself to be organised but it all honesty, I leave my Christmas shopping till the last minute. A trait I have yet to shake.
I use excuses such as, "I will wait for pay day until I start buying anything" or, "I haven't found the 'perfect' gift yet" or even, "I have loads of time to get stuff". It then seems to shock me when it is a week before the big day and I am without gifts for my family and friends.

This year I'm determined to be more organised, (I know, 28 days to go isn't exceptionally organised), however, this post is without a doubt going to help me and hopefully any of you that also need ideas and motivation to begin your Christmas shopping.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on our doorstep, I feel this is a perfect time to post a gift guide for you to see what you might like to put under the tree for your loved ones this Christmas.

Happy shopping lovelies! I've also got a cheeky Missguided code coming your way in a couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled!
Next, Very, Amazon, Sensationail and Asda all have some great offers on at the moment too!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Dreaming of the Big Apple

Today's post is one of my faves. When I was scouting out my thigh high's, I was super eager to make sure they suited outfits outside the fabulous skirt/dress with bare leg combo. I wanted to see them worn with jeans really badly, but it was a rarity if I saw any posts that styled them in a more casual way. So this is me styling up my boots with jeans, which sees me completing a casual and acceptable outfit to wear in the day.

So obviously I am rocking my thigh highs (which are still fabulous and everything my dreams are made of). I've styled them with my dark denim skinny joni jeans, a simple vest top, a leather jacket and my trusty fedora. I literally can't get enough of this outfit because it is so casual but ticks all the fashion boxes at the same time.

How cute is this top though? I've been struggling with casual tops for a while now. So I went on a mission for some that I can throw on with jeans at the weekends. I came across these vest tops with low drop arms and a high neck in River Island and loved them. It is so easy to layer them up and the slogan tee is really on trend at the moment. They have a massive variety but this one stood out to me as very 'Sex and the City'-esque design and the fact it says NYC is just an added bonus.

Jeans - Topshop
Top - River Island - SALE ALERT
Boots - River Island
Jacket - Topshop (old)
Hat - Asos (old)

What do you like to wear at the weekends? Do you prefer to dress up or down?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Boots

Okay so it was my 22nd birthday on Tuesday so I'm having a 'lets go out and drink so we forget how old I am' weekend. I'm currently nursing last nights hangover, I'm genuinely scared of what Birmingham will bring tonight with my girls, like is tomorrow's hangover going to be worse, surely not?

Anyway, back to my next outfit post. This is the first to feature the boots. I'm referring to them as 'the boots' because they are THE BOOTS. I want to wear them always and forever, they instantly transform an average outfit into one that you cannot repeat enough! So please be warned this is not the last outfit which will feature them! I managed to bag mine when River Island re-stocked them, I had my eyes on the Asos Ka-Ching boots (identical to the RI ones) but they were sold out and it seemed hopeless to think a popular size 4 will be re-stocked so RI saved me from a deep depression. No seriously, I felt empty without them, only they could fill that void. My boyfriend had to deal with my overdramatic view on this, much to his dismay. Anyway, if you are still after a pair the only available ones are from Lamoda I think, but please be quick because they will sell out. They are like gold dust!

Right, continuing, I wore a simple black skater skirt with this gorgeous grey knitted roll neck jumper from my fave online shop at the moment, Missguided. I finished the look with the coat that I was lucky enough to be gifted by the lovelies at Diva Dames. This is a website that offers affordable on-trend clothes, absolutely perfect if you're wanting to treat yourself but can't afford to go crazy. Take a look and see what you think.

Jumper - Missguided
Skirt - Topshop (old)
Coat - Diva Dames*
Boots - River Island

Sunday, 9 November 2014

3D Lashes

When Mandy from Younique contacted me asking me to review their new mascara I was a little skeptical. Not because of the brand but because it is a mascara. If there is one make up item I have not yet conquered it's the one that best suits my lashes. I've tried multiple brands and they all just seem to be ok, they get the job done. BUT I don't think I've ever been wowed by one because my lashes just aren't naturally long or curved.

I've been using the Younique mascara for about a week now and in all honesty it's pretty good! It's probably the closest I've been to being wowed that's for sure. 

So the way it works: 
1) apply your normal everyday mascara first (this is optional, but I do because of my weak ass lashes)
2) apply the 3D lash gel
3) immediately after so the gel doesn't dry, apply the 3D lash fibers. Don't go mad as you will find they will fall onto your face
4) then finally apply a top coat of the gel to secure the fibers

Here you can see the results on my right eye against my naked lashes on my left; 

There it is! It's that simple to achieve longer and fuller looking lashes! Something I will say to you is that you may find your lashes to clump (something I hate in mascaras) BUT just use a lash comb and brush them out for a more natural look! My lashes are without a doubt looking longer and fuller which I'm loving because I just dont have the patience to wear false lashes everyday. Nevertheless I still really want my lashes to look better in the day, Youinque is an easy fix for me! It is also super easy to remove with a standard face wipe or face wash. 

The 3D fiber mascara went on sale November 1st in the UK and you can buy it from here for £23. I would recommend you give it a try at the very least, I'm certainly not disappointed! I'd love to know what others think of it as well, everyone is different after all!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Britain's Indian Summer?

So dark nights are a blogger's issue hey? Yep! Starting out last March means this is my first autumn/winter blogging and having to tackle the strenuous task of fighting the inevitable sunset. Weekends are a busy time for me as well as working full time so please bare with me guys, I'm endeavouring to succeed and overcome the issue!

Now, this is just a quick outfit post really. I bought this dress and instantly LOVED it! It's a jersey material, quite thick and heavy (in a good way) which is fab for the winter. Although we aren't really seeing much of a winter or even an autumn for that matter, but I dare say the bitter temperatures will descend on us soon. So anyway, the dress can easily be dressed up or down. Here I've gone for more of a going out vibe but I've also paired it with chelsea boots and tights for a casual look. The beauty of the monochrome look is that it is so versatile! Also the back of the dress is just so fabulousssssss!

I paired the dress with my designer-esque Misguided strappy heels and my new ring from World's apart Jewellery, which I suggest you check out right away! Their pieces are fab and reasonably priced! If you're looking for something a little different I'd definitely recommend them. Then to finish off the look I wore my trusty lightweight duster coat.

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Missguided*
Jacket - Missguided*
Ring - World's Apart Jewellery*