Sunday, 27 April 2014

A little bit of rock & roll

Sorry for my delay with blog posts, I have a couple of assignments due Wednesday so I'm pretty busy but I have a few outfits lined up next week to blog about, with some new deliveries arriving! Yay!

But today I thought I'd blog my new gingham skater shoes from Topshop which can be found here. They are absolutely amazing, so on trend! My leather runner shorts from eBay (you can also get a similar pair from the likes of Topshop and Asos.) I pair them with this plain white tee from Topshop which can be found here, for a simple look. My elephant choker is from Dead Sea Jewellery and can be found on Instagram, it's so cute! 
I feel like this whole outfit is very rock&roll or quite bicker-esque! 

This outfit is so comfy and casual, perfect for this season! 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Jack Wills ss14 Collection

So I was lucky enough to be invited into Jack Wills' Bristol store on Park Street to promote their Spring/Summer 14 collection by the lovely Ricki Millington. 

I styled a few outfit combinations with some of my fave items, but the store doesn't stock all items so I've also included links to some other amazing pieces which are must haves for this season! 

Sorry in advance for the awkward poses and faces, I'm definitely not a model!  

Firstly I selected this extremely Jack Wills-esque combo. (Shoes are mine from Topshop by the way)

If you didn't already know Jack Wills has collaborated with Teen Tatler and they hosted an event not long ago, this video gives details and footage of the event, check it out here

So, this gorgeous pink shirt is one of Teen Tatler's editors picks as well as mine, its so comfortable and on trend with it's pastel pink colour and white spots. It can be found on the website here. I wore a size 8 and fit to a tee, it is so flattering and will go with almost anything. I've paired it with these denim shorts which can be found here, which I wore in a size 10 and fit comfortably, (honestly their denim pieces are really great!) You could also style this pink shirt with a pair of white jeans or skirt, it's very versatile.
I can't find this clear shopper bag on the website but it was in store so I'm sure it can be found at other store as well! 

This next outfit I styled is my favourite! This gorgeous two piece is so on trend and the pattern is stunning.  

Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how surprised I was to find this little co-ord. I've got to admit that before I worked with Jack Wills I didn't really consider it to be all that fashionable, I'm guilty for thinking it was for younger girls, but trust me, go in store and have a look around I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised just like me! The workers in the Bristol store hadn't styled these two items together, they paired the shorts and top separately but for me these belong together. Co-ords are everywhere at the moment and will be massive this summer trust me. 
I wore these shorts in a size 8 and they fit great, not too tight and not too baggy, they can be found here.
I also wore the top in an 8 and it fits great, also something I didn't photograph is the reverse of the top, it   looks like this. 

Gorgeous right? It can be found here

Next, I chose this look, simple jeans and a vest top but very flattering and comfortable. I really wanted to show this pattern on the top as well because they offer other great items in the same pattern and I think it is really lovely. 

Firstly, the jeans. I had no idea Jack Wills jeans are so comfy! They are made with that really soft material, so not proper denim which is what I love! Still has the great look of jeans but are a lot more comfortable. They are very flattering and they offer them in loads of different colours! I'd definitely recommend them for anyone, seriously give them a try! I wore size 28R which is a size 10 and can be found here. 
The top is a very simple vest top but it was the pattern that drew me to it! It's gorgeous and very summery which is perfect for this season! I wore a size 10 and can be found here
Jack Wills offer lots of other items with the same lovely pattern which I would love to style but weren't in the store. Here they are...

This dress is amazing, I love it! It can be found here.

This amazing jumpsuit can be found here

Rucksacks are very in at the moment, so this one is absolutely perfect and can be found here.

Ok, so the final outfit I styled was this relaxed and casual look, but is perfect for a more cooler summer day. 

So this outfit is very relaxed and comfy. The detail on the trousers work so well with the simple pastel lemon colour of this light weight jumper. I wore a size 10 in the jumper and can be found here. I wore a size 8 in the trousers and rolled the top over and the bottom of the legs up to show some ankle and can be found here

Jack Wills' ss14 collection has extremely impressed me, I absolutely love it! I hope I had inspired some of you to take a look! But its not just the women's section, the mens department is host to some great stuff to. So I chose my fave item from the men's section for you lovely ladies to consider as a present for your boyfriend, dad, brother, etc. Or for any male followers that I may have! 

This top is really great, it has a faint floral pattern which is great for this summer! Thanks to the lovely Ricki for modelling this so well for me! The top can be found here and is actually reduced in price at the moment! 

So that concludes my great day working with Jack Wills Bristol! Massive thank you to Ricki again, to the rest of the workers and to Jack Wills themselves for giving me this opportunity to work with them and blog my fave picks from their ss14 collection! 

Just finally, remember to take a look at the great safari competition for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to South Africa! More details here

You can also get 15% off online with Unidays if you're a student, how great is that?! 

Also, follow Jack Wills on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on fashion, competitions and discounts! 

Hope you like this Jack Wills post, I certainly enjoyed working for them!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Summer lovin'

Happy Easter!
I hope everyone has had a good start to the Easter weekend. The weather is certainly not failing us. So unfortunately until I get paid I can't afford to buy any new clothes to blog so I'm having to recycle pieces I've already got, it's such a hard life!

This gorgeous top is American Apparel, they offer a massive range of patterns, colours and materials so take a look, they are so comfy and perfect for Spring and Summer.

The skirt is last season Topshop. It's fluffy, pastel pink and really lovely. If you're desperate to get your hands on it check ebay and depop because there are bound to be people selling it! Or you could create this look with any kind of pink skirt and there are loads around, check the likes of Missguided and Boohoo for similar skirts.

My sandals are River Island and can be found here. I've gone for the socks and sandals look here but alternatively you can wear without socks. (The shoes are so amazing they would look good if you wore a binbag!)

Sunglasses are Urban Outfitters.

Mixing pastels, patterns and metallic creates a great ss14 look!
Enjoy the bank holiday!