Friday, 2 January 2015

So it's 2015...

Happy New Year everyone! As my first blog post in twenty fifteen I thought I'd 'reminise' over some of my twenty fourteen posts. I started blogging in March last year. Wow, last year, that's just crazy. I mean, time really does fly by doesn't it?! I can't believe it will be Seasons Come and Go's first birthday soon.

Blogging was something I was always interested in. I finally found my courage to start my own blog in my final year at uni. Don't ask me where my confidence suddenly arose from but I'm so glad for it! I literally cannot imagine my life without my little blog. It may only be little but I love it! It's already opened so many doors for me, like meeting Fearne Cotton and featuring in Cosmopolitan magazine. I've also made some amazing new friends, as well as worked with some incredible companies!

I'm now so excited to see what 2015 will bring.

So here's what 2014 looked like...

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