Friday, 16 January 2015

Bettys Little Shop of Heaven*

Happy Friday guys! 

This is a different kind of post tonight. I'm wanting to branch out from my typical outfit posts (which I love), but I think a spot of beauty, fitness and food may not go a miss as well. 

So this post is about a new love of mine. Bettys is a company I have recently come across, it's an adorable online patisserie. It sells the most precious treats, one of which being macaroons. Like most girls, macaroons are without a doubt a fave of mine! BUT unfortunately I live in the Midlands and nowhere, yes I mean nowhere, sells macaroons. I'm talking about the good kind you find in Laduree, London. So finding somewhere that I can go to for macaroons is a fab discovery and being able to order them from the comfort of my own bed is just a bonus. 

To me macaroons scream sophistication and class and Bettys branding reflects this representation so well. Their packaging is just beautiful and the flavours, wow! My favourites from what I've eaten so far has to be the green pistachio and pink raspberry but they are all without fault, trust me! Massive thank you to Dan for sending me a box of 12*.

I suggest if you get a craving for macaroons or any other sweet treat for that liking then make sure you check out their site, you won't be disappointed! 

If you want to learn a little about the origins of macaroons or how Bettys perfects their little drops of heaven, then you click here

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