Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wishlist #1

I wanted to blog a few of my new items today but Bristol decided to be host to a monsoon (how inconsiderate), so instead I thought I'd blog my latest wishlist. 
These are items I want and most definitely need.
I'm forever creating wishlists because I simply don't have enough money to ever satisfy my ridiculous shopping addiction, so I have to lust over most things instead! It's actually quite a therapeutic way of acknowledging everything you want to buy when you can afford to and crossing them off as you go.  

So here's what I am lusting after right now...

I have been desperate for this American Apparel tennis skirt for ages now. They have some amazing colours and patterns available, but lilac is the one for me. This will be adorable in the summer with a some sandals or trainers and this American Apparel candy stripe crop top. 

This mint coloured jacket from Zara is just to die for, I physically had to pull myself away from it in the store. I don't know about any of you but I either have a big chunky coat or bare arms, so a lightweight jacket like this is an absolute necessity! The fact it is mint green as well is an absolute bonus for me, but they also do it in pink and white for anyone who doesn't like the mint. 

Mules are making a definite comeback this summer and I'm loving them. It seems that if shoes are ugly then they are beautiful in my eyes? These River Island beauties will be mine! Pastel pink means they will go with almost anything, slip them on with a pair of jeans or a cute summer dress! 

I think everyone is aware of this clutch but Zara had sold out of it for ages, it is now back in stock and calling my name! The bag says, "Stressed" and then on the other side "but well dressed". As I'm a third year student in my last month of work I'm literally the most stressed out anyone could be, so that seems like more of an incentive to buy it right?!

This Boutique dress for Topshop is the definition of summer; tropical, flattering and colourful. The beauty of this dress is that you can dress it up or down! I'm loving spaghetti straps and this dress just reiterates that. I think this will look great on holiday in the sun (a girl can dream)! 

Okay so something I haven't mentioned about myself is my crazy obsession with watches. I have 10 watches that I wear and about another 5 that I've pushed aside. AND NOW, I have been alerted to the beautiful new brand of Olivia Burton, this watch is amazing. I don't even know what to say, the mixture of lilac and gold and then the roman numerals is just a dream. Take a look at their stuff because they have a massive range and the prices are really reasonable for such a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

  This Missguided dress is so lovely. The beauty with Missguided is that it is affordable! This dress looks effortless and will only assist the look of your summer wardrobe. Floral is timeless and is always a great summer statement. 

I first found this style of shoe on ebay (they always have a good bargain shoe) but I discovered the same pair on Lamoda, which is a great site for shoes and handbags, definitely take a look. I have wanted a Windsor Smith pair for ages but I'm a tad worried about sizing and cost because it is an Australian brand. So finding these look a-likes was brilliant and they are a great price! They have different colours which are amazing but a simple white pair will literally go with everything.   

So there it is, my current wishlist. I'm now looking forward to purchasing each and every one of them in preparation for summer!

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