Friday, 4 April 2014

Clueless inspired

Bristol surprised us all this evening and gave us an hour of glorious sunshine, so I just had to get out there and blog this 'Clueless' inspired outfit.

So this outfit post is inspired by the plaid trend. This skirt is last season from Topshop but I think the colours and pattern is perfect for ss14 as well! Although this skirt is no longer available the likes of New Look and Missguided both have similar alternative that look great too! 
I've just paired mine with a lightweight pink jumper which is from Topshop and I'm pretty sure it's just gone into the sale so go take a look!! 
Then I've worn my Astrix white boots from Topshop, these were form last summer but you can get the same style on Asos for less than I paid. These are my favourite boots, they go with anything, (mine are absolutely filthy though, woops!) You can wear them casual or dressy and they work wonders! These are a great addition to anyone's summer wardrobe. 
My lipstick is from Topshop as well, it's called 'straight ace', I don't think they do it any more but I've linked a similar one :) 

All in all, this mixture of pastels and tartan is really flattering. You can pair the skirt with a crop top and sandals as an alternative or with tights in the winter, it is very versatile! 
Happy shopping!

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