Friday, 18 April 2014

Summer lovin'

Happy Easter!
I hope everyone has had a good start to the Easter weekend. The weather is certainly not failing us. So unfortunately until I get paid I can't afford to buy any new clothes to blog so I'm having to recycle pieces I've already got, it's such a hard life!

This gorgeous top is American Apparel, they offer a massive range of patterns, colours and materials so take a look, they are so comfy and perfect for Spring and Summer.

The skirt is last season Topshop. It's fluffy, pastel pink and really lovely. If you're desperate to get your hands on it check ebay and depop because there are bound to be people selling it! Or you could create this look with any kind of pink skirt and there are loads around, check the likes of Missguided and Boohoo for similar skirts.

My sandals are River Island and can be found here. I've gone for the socks and sandals look here but alternatively you can wear without socks. (The shoes are so amazing they would look good if you wore a binbag!)

Sunglasses are Urban Outfitters.

Mixing pastels, patterns and metallic creates a great ss14 look!
Enjoy the bank holiday!


  1. Lovely combination of the patterned top and fluffy pastel skirt! Perfect look for this spring!

  2. In love with the colours doll! You look very lovely, good for this Spring/Summer of course xx