Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brightening up Bristol

So blogging is my new method of procrastination from uni work, all I can think about is what I'm going to blog about next and when. Fashion is taking over my life, it's about time I worked in it full time. Bring on graduation!

I've been dying to do an outfit post with my new 'milk maid' style pale blue gingham top which I just love! The weather hasn't been great but picture this in the summer and you'll fall in love. 
Here's how I have styled it... 

This Topshop top is absolutely adorable. I've paired it with Topshop pink Joni jeans, white pointed heels from eBay and this Miss Selfridge pink coat (which has now gone into the sale). 
This outfit is so summery! I love it! But I need the weather to change so I can wear it, pretty please?

I own 4 pairs of Joni jeans (now 5 including these pink beauties), the fit is absolutely perfect and they are so comfy. The flattering high waisted nature of them allows you to wear crop tops such as this one as well as longer lined shirts. They are definitely my 'go to' jeans! 

The shoes: well I think white is the perfect colour to wear with this outfit and these pointed heels class up the outfit a treat. I would also wear the white boots I blogged in my last post for a more casual look. 

Something to note this spring/summer is not to be afraid of mixing colours and patterns. The pink coat against the pink jeans looks great and the white and blue also adds to the pastel theme. You could also pair this outfit with a pair of slip ons and a denim jacket for a laid back look for summer! 

Fingers crossed the sun rears it's head soon! 

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