Monday, 2 February 2015

Sensational SensatioNail*

So this review has been a long time coming. I was lucky enough to be gifted a Sensationail starter kit at the end of summer 2014 but I haven't had a chance to review it because I'm always using it! 

How much do you pay for gel nails at a salon? I used to get them done quite often, spending £15-£20 each time! Then my friend bought my attention to Sensationail, an at-home gel kit. She raved about it and I can see why. This collaboration has been one of my favourites so far! Being gifted something you use constantly and now live by is something to scream about. So here I am, screaming about it. 

You begin with the Starter Kit. In this you get the LED lamp, 1 small bottle of colour (mine was the Pink Chiffon), 1 small bottle of top & base coat, 1 bottle of gel primer, 1 bottle of gel cleanser and a couple of nail files. Sensationail is available in the UK from Boots and their official UK website. The Starter Kit costs £69.99 which if I'm being honest is extremely reasonable and a great way to start you off on your Sensationail journey. 

(Just a little tip: I've actually ran out of top & base coat, so I'm using a clear colour as a replacement currently. This works in the same way and is just as effective.)

Right, the question is, does it work? The answer is yes! YES YES YES YES YESSSSS! I've already saved an absolute fortune by having this kit, I do my own nails whenever I want, with whatever colour I fancy. It's the perfect way to satisfy your burning desire to have flawless nails always. They say it lasts up to 2 weeks chip free, I can't remember whether I've allowed it to do this, as I pick at my nails when I'm stressed! But it is long-lasting. It is quick and easy and genuinely looks salon professional. I will never go back to a salon after this, it's that good girls!

Since being sent the Starter Kit, I have been building up my Sensationail colour collection! They offer their full range online (with new colours added regularly), whereas Boots only stock a handful of them. 

Finally, some pics of me what some of the colours look like on...

 Wearing 'Scarlet Red'

Wearing 'Midnight Rendezvous'

I hope after this review that you take the at-home gel kit plunge, because trust me, once you go gel, you never go back. 

Join me as a #gelfanatic now girls, you won't be disappointed!

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