Sunday, 9 November 2014

3D Lashes

When Mandy from Younique contacted me asking me to review their new mascara I was a little skeptical. Not because of the brand but because it is a mascara. If there is one make up item I have not yet conquered it's the one that best suits my lashes. I've tried multiple brands and they all just seem to be ok, they get the job done. BUT I don't think I've ever been wowed by one because my lashes just aren't naturally long or curved.

I've been using the Younique mascara for about a week now and in all honesty it's pretty good! It's probably the closest I've been to being wowed that's for sure. 

So the way it works: 
1) apply your normal everyday mascara first (this is optional, but I do because of my weak ass lashes)
2) apply the 3D lash gel
3) immediately after so the gel doesn't dry, apply the 3D lash fibers. Don't go mad as you will find they will fall onto your face
4) then finally apply a top coat of the gel to secure the fibers

Here you can see the results on my right eye against my naked lashes on my left; 

There it is! It's that simple to achieve longer and fuller looking lashes! Something I will say to you is that you may find your lashes to clump (something I hate in mascaras) BUT just use a lash comb and brush them out for a more natural look! My lashes are without a doubt looking longer and fuller which I'm loving because I just dont have the patience to wear false lashes everyday. Nevertheless I still really want my lashes to look better in the day, Youinque is an easy fix for me! It is also super easy to remove with a standard face wipe or face wash. 

The 3D fiber mascara went on sale November 1st in the UK and you can buy it from here for £23. I would recommend you give it a try at the very least, I'm certainly not disappointed! I'd love to know what others think of it as well, everyone is different after all!

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