Friday, 27 March 2015

Happy 1st Birthday

So today is Seasons Come and Go's 1st birthday! Yes that's right, I started this tiny slice of the internet a year ago today. I literally can't tell you how quickly the time has gone and how much my blog has grown, as well as completely changed my lifestyle and outlook of media and publicity.

I completely believe that bloggers are the future and will take over the world one day. It would seem fashion/beauty bloggers are creeping out of the woodwork left, right and centre nowadays, which is both a good and bad thing. If you're dedicated and determined to grow and nurture your blog then go for it, but I feel like some newbies don't understand that it takes time to establish yourself in an industry that is spilling over with enthusiasts. If you're going to give up after the first couple of months because you haven't received any free things or your followers are low then get out of the game now. Please, if you are going to take anything from this post then take this... do not start a blog just to get free things. Private messaging me on Instagram asking how I get free things and when I started to get them is the most frustrating thing for a blogger to hear, (I'm sure the community will agree with me.) I did not start my blog to get free things. In fact, I started my blog to express my love and passion for fashion and put my excessive spending to good use. Yes, once you've spent the time establishing your blog and working hard to impress and inspire your readers, you may be contacted by companies who will be willing to send you some samples. This is great by the way! Being sent beautiful clothes and make-up is fab but it's the relationships you are making with companies and PR which is the magical part.

Ladies and gents, blogging isn't easy. It's damn hard work, especially when you're battling obstacles such as a full time job, the weather and strict deadlines. You may also find some companies try and treat you like you're solely an advert/promotional tool and not give you the respect/funding you deserve. Fortunately this is a rarity and 99% of the companies I have collaborated with have been a pleasure to work with! Yes blogging isn't a walk in the park, but it is one of the best things I have ever done. The blogging community on a whole is fiercely supportive and the girls I have met through it will be my friends for life. The beauty of a blog (a part time one anyway), is that you can post when you like, with the content you choose! If I fancy taking a couple of weeks off to focus on my job or social life then I will. But believe me, I will always come back here and share my life with you all.  

It's a year down the line and I am still obsessed with the brand I have created and blogging is now a massive part of my life. I am super excited to see what this next year will bring!

Watch this space!!


  1. Absolutely love this post, so true. Especially about having a full time job, and no one should ever expect freebies - I actually didn't even realise that happened when I started ��. Keep up the good work hun :)

    1. Glad you like it hun! Thanks for your support :) x