Saturday, 6 December 2014

Red, White and Grey

Just a quick outfit post on this cold Saturday evening. I dislike what I look like in these pictures so I apologise for that, but this scarf/stole just really needed a post of its own.
Yes I'm wearing my thigh highs again, I'm not even sorry.

This is one of my first posts indoors and I don't really like it. So tomorrow I'm hoping to shoot a few outfits outside and get back to normal.

Getting back to this outfit, I've just paired this fabulous scarf with a simple wine coloured skirt to match the it, a plain white top and my thigh highs. This is an outfit I could easily wear out shopping or to dinner with one of my many coats!

Skirt - Missguided - SALE ALERT!
Scarf - Missguided (sold out, but should be restocked soon!)
Top - Missguided
Boots - River Island


  1. Cute look, love the colour combination x

  2. You look beautiful Charlie and I love the scarf! I need an indoor set up to blog, I'm not about this cold weather.. x